Saturday, May 16, 2020

Quarantine Photography March, 2020


Crossed Trails




Tree Tops

Full Moon

Ravine Selfie

Puddle Reflections

       Jim and I started our quarantine for the Covid-19 pandemic on March 16, 2020.  One room in our house was given a new purpose as Jim's office.  Otherwise, it was life "somewhat" normal with us together 24-7.  I immediately understood how lucky and grateful we are to have our home and no lack of electricity, food, heat, water, etc. during this time.  Concern for our health and those we love and treasure, was, and continues to be, a constant.      

       Daily routines for this new period in our lives quickly formed.  Jim was at his desk with laptop open before 9 am.  I joined him for lunch hour and we usually watched the news and Cuomo reports.  I worked out a new routine around our house after working part-time for almost six years.  No magnifying glass needed - there was lots to be done!  There still is :)  Yard work, too, announced itself as spring began.  Jim enjoys making dinner most nights and does the shopping.  Our boys keep in touch many times during the week.

      During our first few weeks of quarantine in March, the weather was mixed.  We had a lot of rain, but also some stunning clear days and nights.  I was pleased to capture the images above while wandering around the yard for some fresh air or having brought in early spring flowers to enjoy.

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  1. Hi there- always enjoy seeing your photography- and I never realized how soon after graduation you owned your bliss! What a gift,