Sunday, May 22, 2016

Ahhh! The Merry Month of May ...

Pretty, Grassy Thing


Maple Goddess

Looking Up

May, 2016 is almost over as I write this.  I have lots to do in the yard, but have been focused on the wonderful photography exhibition opportunities I have been given.

Ongoing until Friday, May 27th

Exposures: A Photo Montage by Ruthanne Bauerle
Chromos Eyewear, 5166 Butler Street, Lawrenceville
Curated by Carolyn Pierotti, Purple Room Fine Art

Wash Hands

Arts and Crafts in the Library
 Flavors of our Community
Ruthanne F. Bauerle, Photographer
Cooper-Siegel Library
May 25th through October, 2016

And, coming up in July, 2016,

Haunted by Dolls and Other Works
Pittsburgh Filmmakers