Thursday, August 1, 2013

Alpacas July, 2013

Mop Do

Big Rack

Pennsylvania Farm

In early July, I went on a great trip to the Grove City, PA area with friends Karen Cuffaro and Genie DiChiazza.  Karen owns some alpacas, which live at Highland Alpaca.  The alpaca farm was amazing!  I had never met any of these calm, humming, beautiful animals before and became charmed by them instantly.  We hit it big when Karen drove us to an elk farm.  She had never seen the elks out in the field, but that day was to be special.  The herd was out grazing and was phenomenal!  Other attractions on the trip, besides being with your girlfriends, were Angus bulls and cows, PA farms and a red barn.  Thank you again, Karen, for a memorable experience.

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