Thursday, May 21, 2020

Quarantine Photography March, 2020 No. 2

Drawing with Suzanne Werder

Evening Sky

Study Window View

TP Roll - Thinking as a Meme?

Foggy Ravine

       This is my second installment of some of the photographs I took in March, 2020.  Other thoughts that popped up during this time which I may or may not have shared on Facebook:
I made a list of things to do every day.  I felt lucky if I was able to cross one off!

Made beds, put on lipstick, perfume and earrings every morning.

Did my PT exercises with a bit of yoga, too.

Kept up with FB friends who offered information, love and/or frivolity.  Thank you ALL!!

Worried, fussed and got calmed down by Jim.

(Remember that list up there?  If I didn't accomplish enough, I just crossed off the lapsed day, wrote in the next day and added more things to do.  Kind of still doing that.)

As always, hope you are all well.

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