Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Walk in Garfield Part Two

Chimney Pot

Colorful Door

Natural Graffiti



Garfield in color as promised.  My gut feels more connected with urban photography in black and white, but the colors of last Tuesday's trip were brilliant and moving.  One not posted here, Picket Fence, is a favorite.  Jay and I met the great grandmother of the young children who feel the abandoned house is there own - having placed a chair on the stoop to hang out together in the alley.  That one and 50 more from the day are available for viewing at:

  As always, comments and suggestions are always welcome.  Please call me for a photo trip : )

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Walk in Garfield July, 2013

 Back Gate


Alley Garages

My friend, Jay Ressler, and I walked down a few streets and alleys of Garfield last week as a photography outing.  We started on Penn Avenue, traveled along Gem Way and ended our trip on Dearborn Street.  The above are a sampling of my black and white shots from that trip.  More can be seen on flickr at   The color series will be posted soon.  Questions, comments and suggestions are always welcome!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

River Walk July, 2013

Highland Park Bridge


Purple Loosestrife

Today was one of the HHH days of Pittsburgh's summers - hazy, hot and humid.  Back in the 1960's, my family home did not have air conditioning except for a huge, loud, used window air conditioner in my parents' bedroom.  My mother always closed up the house in the morning to capture the cool air our roof overhangs and large oak trees offered.  She also suggested that I get "acclimated" to the heat and to understand that "Fox Chapel is always naturally cooler."  Jump forward about 45 years and Jim still reminds me of my mother's sage advice : )  

This afternoon I went down to the Allegheny River to see what the heavy rains might have left behind or brought out. I found a couple feathers, which I have added to the collection of feathers I will use to paint birds in water colors.  I also clipped some wild flowers to photograph for a current series.  Mostly, I just enjoyed being by the water and talking to the ducks.  More pictures at the flickr website:

Any comments, suggestions or volunteers for photography trips are always welcome!