Sunday, May 17, 2015

Aspinwall Railway

Every day when I go to work at my part time job at First Street and Brilliant Avenue in Aspinwall, PA, I pass under and over the Aspinwall Railway.  Some of you who are Facebook friends may be familiar with my train photos - I have photographed graffiti art on trains and train cars carrying fluids as I wait (mostly patiently) for trains to pass.

As a photographer who loves distressed items, I have been intrigued by the train bridge above the ground level rails and the walls that support it.  I also love the nature that grows on these walls, not allowing anything to get in its way.

I am always open for new opportunities to photograph what you would like to see on this blog or on your walls.  Thanks for looking and enjoy the late spring weather!

Be Ware

Last Year's Grasses

Generations on the Wall

Rails Above

Rails Above Two

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