Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Simple is Best!

 Water Colored Sky

Valentine, 2021

Blue City Scape

Quite a few years ago, while assisting with homework assignments and such, I borrowed (?) the phrase Simple is Best! from somewhere and have used it ever since.  As a personal philosophy, it has been especially helpful during this time of my watercolor exploration.

The photograph at the beginning of this post is how I wish I could paint and draw.  I can neither paint nor draw.  Stampers and tracing tools have been my "go to" starting points for the above watercolors and several more which I have made into cards.  I do love hand drawing, but they are very simple, as you can see below.

Sunset with Poles

Our dining room table is my work spot right now.  Four o'clock pm is my favorite time to sit/stand and experiment.  Usually there is a liquid and musical inspiration to push me onward!

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